Friday, 18 March 2016

Does our 030 think she's an osprey?

The latest news of 030 (the colour ringed female that fledged from Derby Cathedral's nest last June) came in an email from John Wright yesterday.
John is a key player in the amazing osprey reintroduction project at Rutland Water.

John contacted us in the autumn with photos and a video of 030 which featured on this blog here.
John's latest email says:

"030 is still present most days on Lagoon 4 at our Egleton Nature Reserve. I haven't seen any other Peregrines associating with her.
Her most recent kills have been Common and Black-headed Gulls, Lapwings, Wigeon, Mallard, Moorhens, Coot and Oystercatchers.

We renewed the Osprey nest/platform that is on Lagoon 4 yesterday. This has been her favourite sitting place for much of the winter. It had lost most of its sticks and nest lining but is now in tip top condition. 030 went straight on to the new nest today, excitedly playing with nest lining. 
030 sitting proudly on an osprey platform
She's too young to think of nesting herself  but clearly
enjoys the view from this mega nest.
Photo: John Wright

A four year old male Osprey (51) spent much of last season on this nest platform but failed to attract a female. It will be very interesting to see what happens if/when he returns to his nest in the next few weeks and finds this squatter on the nest......very probably fireworks!"
030 this time on an osprey perching post nearby.
Burley House looks close by but is a mile away on a hilltop!
Photo: John Wright.

Many thanks to John for keeping us briefed about 030. How exciting to discover what one of our fledged birds is getting up to - and where!

Nick B (DWT)


Joyce S Derby said...

I photographed a peregrine on 7th March at Rutland Water on the ground looking west from the Dunlin Hide on Lagoon 4. Unfortunately we couldn't see its legs, but guess it would have been 030.

Joyce S Derby said...

Looks like Mrs P is digging out the scrape again just now (4pm)

Vicky said...

I haven't checked in for awhile but happy to hear Mrs P is digging out the scrape again.

Phoebe said...

Nice to see 030 is milling about at Rutland water. Interested to see what unfolds.

Kate said...

Four Eggs at Nottingham..... Great blog re 030, will keep eyes peeled as I watch Rutland during Osprey Season.

Helen said...

Good to see that the news about 030 at Rutland Water made it onto East Midlands Today (the local news programme) this evening.

Unknown said...

See a peregrine last Friday on a lagoon 4 was brilliant first time I have see one not in flight.

Vicky said...

One of the adults sitting on edge of scrape right now.

Kate said...

Teasing us again this morning, been in scrape.
Exeter have one Egg, Sheffield have three..Nottingham sitting tight Chol:):)