Sunday, 17 January 2016

Snow....but not much

Winter arrives at last!

As you can see from the screen grab below, we had about an inch of snow in Derby this morning (Jan 17th) though it is melting as the day progresses. It shows the male on the far side of the platform looking out towards the East.
Screen grab shows male and snow. Taken by Helen Sara
For more photos of the snowy platform and over 2000 other photos, visit the Derby Peregrines Flickr group here .

Some of you will remember the heavy snowfall that covered the platform in the spring of 2013, just before the female was due to lay her eggs.......
Female on platform 22nd March 2013

Nick B (DWT)


Helen said...

There was an interesting report on Countryfile this evening about the rehabilitation of raptors at the International Centre for Birds of Prey in Gloucestershire, including some nice clips of a peregrine falcon.
It also featured some amazing vultures, which have declined rapidly in South Asia (and elsewhere)in recent years due to the use of diclofenac to treat cattle.

About 42 minutes into the programme.

Kate said...

All clear this morning, commuters all on their way.
Reminder and maybe of interest to any new Members looking in.

Anne said...

Lovely to see the snowy picture of the peregrine on the platform overlooking the Derby scene.

I too watched Countryfile last night and enjoyed the marvellous shots of the peregrine and vultures.

Cyril Squirrel said...

Looks like they're starting to eye up the platform again. One of the birds there at 3:10 today, tucked into the corner just under the camera. Soon time to go abseiling to clean the nest out.

Kate said...

Hi Cyril
Yes I did capture him ( Just!) today and yesterday. couple of piccies on flkr


Kate said...

He is visiting us daily at the moment, managed to capture him at the far end, instead of almost out of shot end nearest the cam chol;0;0

Kate said...

He is enjoying his break fast at the moment (few picks on flkr)

Heather said...

Hi Kate,
Just seen peregrine enjoying a late breakfast, looks like pigeon, on a very windy day. Thought this might help clear the scrape of feathers but they seem to be hanging on. Is it the tiercel as I haven't been looking recently? Looking forward to this year's extravaganza all being well!

Kate said...

Hi Heather
Am so pleased you saw himself with breakfast, me thinks it is the Tiercel,, and he is spending time on the scrape daily recently.

Unfortunately I accidentally wiped my previous days phots from my act/and did not realise it also wiped group doh!!!. still we can start a fresh, with this mornings captures.

Annie C said...

There's a peregrine in the scrape. It could be the female but I'm hopeless at distinguishing them unless they're together. Some of the mound of feathers has been cleared away.

Kate said...

Hi Anne
Yes am sure its the Tiercel, he is visiting several times throughout the day.
Managed a close up pic(on Flkr)but unfortunately with back to cam lens, snapped a glimpse of face.

jane Tagg said...
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jane Tagg said...
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jane Tagg said...
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Kate said...

Another bed of down, missed the feed but I wonder if his mate is around he is always wary and often looks up above,a pic about 5.00p.m.

Annie C said...

Hi Kate,
Thanks for helping me out!
There's a peregrine sitting in the middle of the scrape not doing very much, just looking out.

Kate said...

Hello Annie
I hope this may also be of help.
It is not easy to always identify,unless they are side by side,males may have a bigger-head in relation to body size, and have narrower-wings. Here is a link that may help.
I am no expert, others onhere and of course both Nick's and the Team, may have more advice.
We are so lucky to have the opportunity and are privelidge to watch these well looked after Birds here at Derby, and so appreciate everyones hard work and dedication.
Do take a few moments to look through the links across the top here , and in the School tab, there is a lovely video from the Children

Annie C said...

Thanks again Kate. I have to confess that despite being a regular viewer here for more years than I can remember I still need other people's expertise! Your photos are very helpful.

There's a definite depression in the scrape now and it's been cleared of most of the old feathers.

Kate said...

Forgot to mention earlier, that with the usual generosity of our wonderful Team here at Derby,they have a wonderful list of other sites( Link across the top..

Am sure we will enjoy, watching, another good healthy Season.

Heather said...

Hi Nick(s),

Was just wondering what is happening with the scrape this year. I seem to remember there was some talk of possibly replacing it last year as it's quite old now. Guess this would be quite costly and perhaps a bit late now especially as the tiercel is hanging around. I see Annie has mentioned that there's a depression in the scrape and if there's not to be a new platform wondered when the (very brave!) abseil to clean it out is likeky to take place?

Thanks for all the hard work you and the team have done this winter in moving all the equipment to its new home.

Kate said...

Just checked in to cam, one chirping away then ran along the scrapes edge, second bird flew in a lot of chattering and chased first bird away.

Could not see if pair or both same sex CHOL:):) will put pics on flkr in a mo.

Project Member (DWT) said...

Thanks for all your recent comments, good wishes and especially the reports of activity on the platform/scrape.
It seems the pair are beginning to get into breeding mode already.
Cleaning the platform will happen hopefully sometime in the next few weeks depending on weather and abseiler availability. It has been far too windy of late!
The Project Team