Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Webcam Problems (much bigger than we thought)

We learnt today the cause of all the problems you have been experiencing viewing our webcams.
We thought the freezing images and lack of live stream were due to equipment failure or faulty cabling inside the cathedral.

How wrong we were.

The good news is that none of our equipment is faulty; the bad news is that it's a really big problem elsewhere. And it's set to get bigger.

Quite simply, the construction of a new Premier Inn hotel near the Cathedral is going on apace. The rising scaffolding and growing structure have just started to break a fast laser link which connects Derby's Silk Mill Museum to the rest of the City Council network. (We send our internet images first to the Museum, and then on to the wider net).
The new hotel/housing complex that's blocking the airwaves
with the Assembly Rooms on the right
So our problem is also the Museum's problem, and obviously affects other people and services too.  Obviously, this isn't the hotel's fault, and all we can say is that a solution is being looking into for the Silk Mill, but major changes of infrastructure like this simply don't happen overnight. We know that because a fire a year or so ago at another building took out the previous internet connection route!
Artists impression of the proposed Premier Inn Hotel
 next to Cathedral Green, as shown on Derby Telegraph website in 2013.

So it's highly unlikely that our frozen and intermittent cameras will be back working normally for some time, and not until after our birds have fledged.. This YouTube video shows the building site as it was last year

We can only express our apologies to everyone who has come to enjoy watching Derby's Peregrines. Hopefully next year there will be an opportunity for hotel users to book a room and look directly at the fastest living creature in the world from their beds! Maybe Sir Lenny Henry will come and see them for himself at one of our Watch Point events!

For those able to make it into Derby city centre, don't forget that all our free public WatchPoints are still going on. Click the "WatchPoint" Tab on our homepage for details.

We will keep you informed of the situation when we know more.
If you would still like to support us, and perhaps help us purchase better cameras for next season, click the Donate Tab on our blog for details of how to do this.

Some of you are still managing to get screengrabs - such as the one below by Sandee taken on 16th June:
All three looking out....screengrab by Sandee 16/6/15

Nick M
Project Team


Linda said...

Nick, thank you for letting us know. I for one will keep watching and will try and get to the watch point tomorrow.it will be sorted I'm sure, but as it is we will see what we can and wish the chicks all the luck in the world. Thank you again.

MaryT said...

Thanks Nick for such a detailed explanation. it's a shame but nothing can be done about it. I will keep watching and reading the blog updates too. I am planning to come to the Watchpoint tomorrow and see the chicks in "real life".
All very best wishes.

Kate said...

Oh dear, that is such sad news for everyone.

I will still check the stills daily and know that those of you able to visit am sure will post some updates. and of course The 'Nicks' will keep the Diary updated.

Thanks again, and am pleased the Birds completely oblivious to our discomfort Tee Hee!!! safe fledging little ones....

Sandee said...

All 3 looking out over the edge! Safe link to picture ... http://campl.us/kLviwQMCv4C

Heather said...

Many thanks Nick for the very detailed, if upsetting news, about the Cams. Perhaps we should have guessed it might be something to do with the Premier Inn but seems the Silk Mill Museum has also been caught out - however hindsight is a marvellous thing! Thanks for all your hard work in trying to discover the fault over the past weeks.

Perhaps we will get updates on our peregrine family from other sources and can only reiterate Linda and Kate's comments, (and the rest of us armchair viewers),that they will all fledge safely. It's been a privilege to have a glimpse into their lives.

Abby-Lynn said...

I too will keep watching and hoping to see a chick in the air on its first flight. Then there is next year. Thanks for the updates.

Heather said...

9.28am Web Cam 1 time, scrape looks empty but possibly one juvie in corner, difficult to tell with Cam 2 out of action. Probably climbing about exploring their surroundings as Nick mentioned they would. OR they've fledged just to spite us, but highly unlikely. Still it's nice to be able to get the occasional connection.

Kate said...

Hi Heather
Yes good to see a pic ( I have posted this one we have seen on cam 1 on Flkr) Like you it is so easy to think they have fledged, and then I bet you they will reappear CHOL:):)

Sandee said...

Hhhmmm. Looks like they had breakfast, but where are they? http://campl.us/fQiF1eHHHDU

Joe said...

Thanks for the explanation of the web cam problems. I,ll be looking from the ground and will be back next year :)

Linda said...

0901. Think she's fledged. Looked in a little while ago, and she was sitting on the edge of the scrape. I looked just now and the scrape looks empty. If she has good luck little (!) girl, I hope to see all 3 of them around and visiting the scrape.

Heather said...

12.31pm Cam1time. Last reluctant juvie still on ledge, don't know if she's fledged as Linda said and returned or was just out of sight somewhere. Quite a few people on The Green not sure who's watching who! Parent keeping her well fed by looks of things but perhaps this will stop to encourage her to finally join her siblings.