Sunday, 2 November 2014

Cathy settles in

In 2009 we had two juvenile females that came to grief.
One was killed outright by flying into a smoked glass screen on the top of a nearby block of flats. After some time spent in a freezer, we eventually had her set up by a very skilled local taxidermist. It cost us £400.
The taxidermist Chris Orgill admires his handiwork

We use her regularly at events and talks.

The other female was injured to the point where she either had to be put down or kept for the rest of her life in captivity. The damage was to her shoulder and was irrrepairable. We decided to keep her alive mainly becasue we had an offer from someone to look after her.
The offer came from Colin Pass, a local falconer and photographer, and he has looked after her right up to last summer. So we owe a big dept of gratitude to Colin for taking such good care of 'Cathy' (he named her after the cathedral....).
Cathy with Colin and youthful admirer, 2010
Now Cathy has passed into the care of Dave and Lesley Robinson and apparently she's settled in well. Dave and lesley run a small willdife hospital, so they are used to looking after birds and other animals. They have applied for and got a licence to keep her from Defra.
Now of course she's five years old and in full adult plumage.....
Photo of Cathy taken this year by Colin Pass
Nick B (Derbyshire Wildlife Trust)


Joyce S said...

Cathy looks really good, doesn't she?
I've seen both adult birds this week on JI lettering

Phoebe said...

Good to hear Cathy still has a home. She is looking very dapper indeed.

It's the falcon, I think, on the ledge with quite a large portion of prey.

Linda said...

More prey in the scrape this am - looks fresh- but no-one at home right now.

Phoebe said...

Webcam stream 2 is frozen on Sunday 9th.

AnnieF. said...

Streams 1 & 2 operating normally. No sign of peregrines but plenty of feathers in the scrape.

Lorraine said...

Glad to have Cam 2 is again covering this often visited area on the tower. I see Derby is a bit foggy just now, but this doesn't seem to deter late night visits and sleepovers, so looking forward to the odd sighting again.

Lorraine said...

Looks like one of them Lidle's three-bird turkey roast, plonked on the tower ledge tonight! A bit fuzzy, but appears to be a plump catch - no one sat at table though just now.

AbbyLynn said...

Getting excited for the next batch of eggs to be laid and looking forward to another season of watching the eggs hatch and the little ones to become big ones.

Lorraine said...

Dear old Mum's been sat huddled into the tower wall, with back cloaking out the chill and gloom, for some time now. Neck turned out, watching for possible fly-by's from restless pigeons.

C'mon girl, keep your spirits up - you're the Bell of the Derby Tower and the Queen of our hearts !!

We know her great strength by now though. Whatever the weather, events or circumstances, between now and start of breeding season, me thinks this little lady will keep her crown for quite a few years yet - with more than a few surprises along the way !

I'm hoping next year will bring confirmation as to the identity of the other sleek beauty, spotted last season on the Yorkshire Moors. Can't wait to find out if she's a Derby Princess !!