Sunday, 14 September 2014

Recent images of the adult birds

Ian Bradley (aka superbrad) took these photos last week of our parent birds. We are grateful to him for letting us use his 'super' images. You can see more by going to the Derby peregrines flickr pages.

The male bird surveys the scene 

The female on a ledge just below the nest platform 
Apparently at least one juvenile has been seen recently but with so few people watching from the ground now, reports are few and far between. We would expect that the juveniles would have begun to move away from Derby - so hopefully they are beginning to lead an independent life.
Meanwhile, the Rolls Royce team that has been working with us since February is drawing up its final reports and I will be attending a handover session at their works within the next two weeks.

Nick B (DWT)


Green Class said...

this morning we saw a peregrine falcon cacht some food. it brort some food back too its home. We saw the peregrine eat its food. it lookt hoongry. later we saw two peregrin falcons.

Nick B (DWT) said...

Hello Green Class: thanks for your comment.
It is good that you have seen some peregrines on the web cams because they are not on show very often now we are out of the nesting season.
Driving past today, I could see one bird on the lettering of Jurys Inn where they often sit but I haven't been to the cathedral itself for a while so your report is very helpful.
Nick (DWT)

Lorraine said...

Nice to see one of the juvies on the Tower this morning at 10.15am (see side BP image) and good to know at least one of the three is still around.

Still seeing the odd regular visitor - usually the female adult - late at night and in the early hours.

Linda said...

Yes she was there last night too. looks very well. I have seen both parents recently (I think!) and also on Jury's too.

Anonymous said...

I saw one adult bird yesterday afternoon, but haven't seen any peregrines back since then :( I hope they're okay.

Linda said...

Think the parents are around and maybe one chick. See the parents quite regularly if I'm in and around town.

Helen said...

Both adult birds visible on the cameras this morning.

Linda said...

2 sitting on Jury's Inn sign earlier. Saw them as I approached the lights there and looked back (lights on red LOL) but couldn't tell which birds they were. But there are 2 around anyway. Linda

Phoebe said...

The One Show tonight just showed some stunning video captures of a pair of peregrines defending their territory against a buzzard! Well worth a watch.