Saturday, 8 September 2012

Site Under 'Re-Construction'

Do you remember the old days when half the websites you visited seemed to have a moving image of a workman in a hard hat incessantly digging, accompanied by the words "Site Under Construction"?

Well, we've done away with the animated picture, but the Derby Cathedral Peregrine Project blog has recently been undergoing a bit of a revamp. Recently we asked blog readers and our partners to comment on a new design layout. We had lots of positive feedback (and approval from the Heritage Lottery Fund for the placing of their logo) and are implementing the changes in readiness for new developments in the months ahead..

It's been fun learning a few new skills and tinkering around with stuff called "html". To give you an  idea of what we've been doing, here's a little video to act as an interlude whilst these changes are put into effect. (Update: most changes now completed as at 12th September)

There are bound to be a few glitches, so please let us know any problems you encounter by leaving a comment (click 'Comments' at the bottom of this post.)

To find out the rationale behind these changes, scroll down to the previous post and read about what we hope it will achieve.

Here are a few tips for PC users to help you get the more out of our new blog:

1) To make the blog fit your PC monitor, use a combination of two keys to increase or decrease size. Hold down the 'CTRL' key whilst pressing either the PLUS or MINUS key. Users with a wheel on their mouse can press Ctrl and rotate the wheel to achieve the same effect.

2) To follow a link, but to have it open in a separate browser window or tab, don't just click the link, right-click it. This should bring you a small drop-down menu on your screen close to the mouse cursor  with the options 'Open Link in New Tab' or 'Open Link in New Window'. Choose and click one to keep the original link open whilst opening a new browser screen, too.

3) Proving you aren't a robot when leaving comments on our blog can be awkward. Those letters and numbers you have to read and type into a box can be easily misinterpreted. Get it wrong, and you risk losing your comments. So we recommend you select and copy your comments before doing the next step. A useful shortcut to selecting text is to click within the comments box, then press the key combination of Ctrl-A, and then press Ctrl-C.  (This selects and copies your comments into your PC's memory) If you get the Captcha code wrong, simply paste the text back in and try again. The shortcut for pasting is Ctrl-V.
Invariably you can't interpret the first selection of letters offered, so click the little circular arrow symbol to refresh the characters until you find a set are able to read.

4) If you want to contact the Peregrine Project Team directly, you can now email us on our dedicated address of

5) Mobile phone users should not expect the same blog colour scheme as on a computer. It will appear roughly as shown here.




christine said...

2 juveniles near webcam one at 06.40am this mornin! From Christine

Anonymous said...

It's taken a bit of time, but most of the changes to our blog have now been made.

Nick M (posting as anonymous) for test purposes.

Sara said...

I think it might have been the adult birds who were visible on the webcams last night. The white patch on their upper chests seemed to be too bright for them to be juveniles, although it's not always easy to see on the cameras when it's dark. Both birds were very alert and looked as if they were in hunting mode!

from christine said...

I'm almost sure That it woz the juvs near webcam one last nite! Maybe the lights from webcams made them looked brighter! And that's where the juvs sit alot of the time! I've not seen the adults sit up there That much.

from christine said...

Sorry Sara maybe u are right! One of the birds Is very active 2nite! Am not so sure now whether it Is an adult or not!

Hilary, B'ham. said...

Have printed out my crib sheet from your "tips for P.C. users...." Excellent. This could perhaps be an occasional feature Nick? New site very,very good.

Helen said...

Just logged on in time to see one of the juveniles sitting on the tower before it flew off!

christine said...

2 juvs near webcam one and adult on nestbox this morning at o6.40am from Christine

Mo Cole said...

Friday 14th 8.20am.... Mr/Mrs P ? just turned his back to the outside and pooped..... lol... bless xx
PS... the new blog is great guys well done....