Tuesday, 31 January 2012

By heck, its a long way down.....

We were fortunate to have the free services of two very experienced abseilers, Sam and Daz from 'Acclimbatize', an outdoor training company based near Matlock, Derbyshire, to help with the abseil and nest clean today.
Accompanied by Nick M, they went down and re-positioned the camera that has been hanging precariously by a thin wire for the last few weeks, cleaned both cameras, checked the nest platform and cleaned it up.
The cameras were left on so that everyone
could see what was going on, sometimes perhaps a little bit too close for comfort! Apologies if so.
Anyway, despite a cold east wind, the tasks were all successfully completed.
In the morning, we held the annual meeting with the project partners - The Cathedral, Derby Museums, Cathedral Quarter and the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust. The bid to the lottery was explained and discussed and partners were brought up to speed both with what had happened last year and how we would hope to proceed this coming year if lottery money come through and and also if it doesn't.
Last week we were contacted by the lottery and advised that we would stand a far better chance of success if we would agree to having the bid discussed in April, ie in the new financial year when more money will be being distributed, rather than in March as originally promised. This was agreed to though it will make it more difficult for us to do much new work in this coming season, which will (we hope) be well underway by April.
The photos shows the three abseilers preparing their ropes and looking over the edge prior to descending. The falcon was on Jury's Inn with the tiercel when we arrived on the tower top but she did make a single circuit of the tower (loudly shouting her displeasure) before flying back to the JI sign. The tiercel, true to form, stayed put!
Tony Grantham was on hand most of the day both to attend the meeting and to introduce us to the new Head Verger. It was Tony's very last day at work!
Details of the service and farewell 'do' at the cathedral were posted a few days ago - so do scroll back if you missed them. Everyone is welcome.

Nick B/Nick M


Nick Brown (DWT) said...

JanT: sorry your comment ended up on the last post and so won't be seen by so many.....but it's good to know you are a regular watcher over in the east there.
Things should start to liven up a bit as we go through February, with nest scraping, bowing courtship etc. Let us know if you or anyone sees things happening!
Nick B

Green Class said...

Today we saw a peregrine that was makng a hole in the gravel and it was standing on one leg on the lege. It looked like it was enjoing the platform now that it is clean and tidy.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday morning I was driving along Kedleston Road and thought I saw a peregrine perching in one of the trees near the bottom of Birchover Way. I couldn't stop to get a closer look.

Kate (Allestree)

Jane (Belper) said...

Green Glass, welcome back. It is an absolute joy to read your comments and to know how much you all learn from watching the peregrine cameras.
Congratulations and thanks to the team yesterday. They have done a fantastic job, despite the fact that they must have been very cold.
Now, let the fun begin!!
Be well, Jane

AnnieF. said...

@ Green Class:
I am so glad to see that you are back again watching the peregrines! Like Jane (Belper), I love to read about what you have seen. It is always a pleasure. You are all so keen, and your excitement shows in the way you tell us things. I hope you will all be able to see the peregrines in real life one day!

AnnieF. said...

One peregrine on the rhs ledge having a look.

Ann ( Canada ) said...

Hi everyone, just checking in and thinking about the fast approaching new season. Last year went so very well so let us hope this year will be the same. Can't wait to get started and hopefully capture some good shots from the webcam. All the best to everyone for the new year. Good luck to the Falcons.
Ann xxx