Monday, 3 August 2009

A School's-Eye View

Whilst we wait for our wireless internet link to be restored, we would like to share with you a superb example of how a group of Derbyshire school children have engaged with our peregrine falcons this year. Red Class at Brigg Infants School have made and narrated this superb video. The voices you hear are children of five and six years of age. Helen Naylor's class have embraced ICT and wildlife in an absolutely stunning way, and it was a pleasure to meet them earlier in the year when they visited Derby.
Not only that, it neatly sums up the 2009 season from egg-laying to fledging.

Peregine Falcons at Derby Cathedral from Helen S Naylor on Vimeo.

Visitors to Derby Museum and Art Gallery can also see this video as it is currently on continuous play in the Derbyshire Nature Gallery.

We're always interested to hear of schools who have found our webcams of value in teaching, and welcome a chance to see examples of work produced.


Pax Canada said...

Congratulations to Ms Naylor and the children of red class at Briggs, what a wonderful video, you must be so proud of yourselves.
Well done!

Terry, Herts UK said...

Delightful video.

It drives me mad when I see kids out with their parents who allow them to chase pigeons, ducks, etc with no respect or understanding of wildlife.

Clearly, Red Class have a fantastic teacher who is instilling in his/her kids a sense of respect for other creatures that I hope & believe will stay with them for life.

Karen Anne said...

What a terrific video!

And the Cathedral is beautiful too, I didn't realize how much until I saw the film of it from the green.

Just a reminder, if the video is not playing properly for you, you can click on the link and go to the vimeo web site, log in, and download it. It plays fine for me when downloaded.

Anonymous said...

I was going to log on and write a moaning comment about "when are the cameras going to be fixed" - and there was this magical video from Miss Naylor and the infants of Red Class at Brigg School. It stopped me in my tracks. I can't think of a better comment than the RSPB's slogan - "aren't birds brilliant". Brilliant indeed and brilliant Miss Naylor and Red Class. Thank you for reminding me of what a little miracle we all were priviledged to watch this year on Derby cathedral. What a smashing record of the 2009 season. I'm sure the children will never forget it and have learned to look around at this amazing world we live in with wonder.
PS at least the old webcam photo reminds us of the brief bit of good weather we had before the weathermen decided to take away their promise of a "BBQ summer"!!

Ruthie said...

To Red Class, I thought your video was fantastic. You have found out so much about how the peregrines on Derby Cathedral have spent their time. Well done!

To Ms Naylor, Congratulations on putting together such a wonderful collection of information from your class. This webcam resource is an absolute godsend for engaging children's interest, but without you to nurture it, the children's experience would be less developed.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely video by Red Class. Well done. I also loved the video of 010 flying with Colin. I am not fond of seeing wild creatures in captivity but I was very moved by seeing how well and beautiful she looked. I suppose when we have seen her from egg to fledge it is natural for us to want her to survive. Thanks to Colin and the photographer.

A Google account somehow popped up for me the other week despite my never having signed up for one here but it has disappeared. I shall have to create another one before next year.


Audrey (London UK) said...

I can only repeat what other posters have said...'Well done Briggs Infant School, and of course,Ms Naylor' A pure delight from beginning to end.I smiled all the way through it. Ahh, the memories..........still next March is not too far away!!

Karen Anne said...

What's happening with the webcam? The last I remember, there was something about looking at the power supply?

Any news about Cathy?


Nick Brown (DWT) said...
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Anonymous said...

Ms Naylor and Red Class should be extremely proud of themselves - well done everyone!!
The video is wonderful and the children's voices are just perfect.

Here's to next year!!

Steph (Canada)

Ann ( Canada ) said...

Wow camera is back but where are the birds?