Sunday, 5 July 2009

News from the western front

This morning a trip to town early discovered both adults and one of the male juveniles. On the right is one of the two male juvs. He was begging for food from the falcon that was sitting nearby (left photo) both on a pair of aerials.

Overhead several swifts were flying about and a cormorant went over much higher.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch so to speak, the tiercel was on the platform, preening.

No sign of the second juvenile but there are a whole lot of roofs and other suitable perching places in town!

Apols for poor quality of the photos....

Nick B (DWT)


Nick B (DWT) said...

Karen Anne; please re-send your comment to this post which has somehow disappeared despite being 'allowed'.
Nick B

Nick B (DWT) said...

The text below, by Colin Bowler, is copied from a yahoo natural history group site:

"Saturday late morning was also productive with at least 4 or 5 White-letter Hairstreaks seen in the area of the new St Mary's Bridge in Derby, settling on both elm and ash trees.
After plenty of flight views I had one perch in a viewable position at the top of the elm close by the "cathedral end" of the bridge. Whilst watching it, one of the peregrines cruised over our heads - urban wildlife watching at it's best!"
This butterfly is a rather rare one in Derbyshire, mainly because its host tree, the elm, still suffers from Dutch elm disease which kills them once they reach a certain size. Colin was obviously pleased to see both butterfly and peregrine!
Nick B (DWT)

wayne1984 said...

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Phoebe said...

Nick B (DWT),

Thank you so much for the photos, I was hopeing someone would post some news on the peregrines as the cameras are down and I have not been able to visit due to illness that prevents me from driving at the moment.


Thank you also for letting us know the birds are still close by. I hope the half-mast flag was not an omen! but just one of those things.

I will be visiting just as soon as I can and then give a report of my sightings.

Fingers crossed for oh-ten today!

Phoebe said...

Could someone tell me how to email a post in please?

I do not have project members email addresses.

Karen Anne said...

Nick B,

Unless my memory from the middle of the night fails me :-) which is entirely possible, I wasn't able to make a comment in this thread because this post was not displaying the comment link then. So I made a comment in the next older thread saying that.

So there was no comment here to disappear. Now I am wondering if that is what has happened with the other comments other commenters and you were saying have vanished - maybe they were made to other threads and are at those threads?

Nick B (DWT) said...

Yes karen Anne ; exactly so!
Nick B

Phoebe said...

Do we have any news on oh-tens x-ray yet?

Ann ( Canada ) said...

@ Team Yes like Phoebe I am also anxiously awaiting news on 010 The suspence is killing me.
Please let us know what is happening. This is pure torture.
I hope the lack of information does not mean bad news.
Anyone out there I feel like we are "Lost in Space"

Project Member (Derby Museum) said...

Just a note to say that 010 is geneally OK for now. I hope we'll be able to post an update from Colin sometime tomorrow - just waiting for him to OK some stuff that we wanted to say.

Lisa said...

I saw the most spectacular sight last night - 010 with her carer, she is amazing! I hope that with the continuing love and care that she is receiving she will be able to live out her life in as close a natural environment as possible (perhaps a sanctuary somewhere)and continue to be a star of Derby. Whatever the decision you guys make I'm sure it'll be the right one for 010.
Thank you for looking after her - and thanks Colin for such a rare and special experience - one I'll never forget!