Friday, 3 July 2009

It's Always Sunny in Derby

Our webcams have frozen on a lovely sunny scene yesterday in Derby. Unfortunately today's heavy rain clouds cast a shadow on many things, including news of our webcam internet connection.

It appears that our Cisco wireless access point is faulty, and may need to be replaced. Looking at its oddly flashing lights today, it seemed to be continuously trying to reboot itself. Not good news. Thankfully we are supported by Serco, Derby City Council's IT new support organisation. Their monitoring systems had already alerted them to a problem, and they were investigating it at the same time as I was.

So what's a wireless access point, when it's at home? Basically its a radio connection that links Derby Cathedral to the City Council's network, allowing the webcam signals to get out to Streamdays, who then serve back those pictures to you, our viewers. A faulty unit means no signal is getting out, and the unit may have to be replaced - we shall know more next week.

This is a surprising failure as they are normally very rugged devices, rather like a wireless router, and Cisco equipment is top-of-the-range. Serco hope to check it out on Monday, and we should know more soon.

Meanwhile, anyone for the potter's wheel again?


Tom Stephenson said...

"Hey, Cisco.." "Hey, Pancho..." Anyone remember that? Where does Serpico come into it???

I've booked a holiday in Derby on the strength of the weather - you may be sued!

On the subject of moderation, I think you should just disable it, then occasionally weed out the rogue ones. Life's too short to mess about, and kids are a lot more savvy than are usually given credit for. Also, I'm getting very confused as to whether or not these comments are actually going through, so apologies if this is the 3rd blooming attempt!

Karen Anne said...

Thanks for the update.

Just a thought, I have enough trouble keeping the Nicks straight (and I fail, usually :-) so I am wondering if the Project Member posts can be signed with names?

Thanks again for all the hard work you do.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, ha ha, good old potters wheel. I'd totally forgotten that we had one interlude of that before. I guess I don't mind what you do because (here I go, off topic again) I'm just off to bonnie Scotland hoping like mad to see some whales off the west coast. Will I have time en route to nip into Derby ..... well, only if I'm very lucky (and if my husband doesn't kill me first for continually saying I want to go there). I'm sure I'll be able to find an internet point somewhere up there for news of our birds though, especialy Oh-ten - I'm still on tenterhooks, as are we all.

Colin said...

Sorry this is a late reply But I have exercised her wing by carriage "walking her on my fist" gentle movements transfered to my fist just by walking cause her now and again to move her wings to balance, at the same time she gets use to me. I also dampen her down she seems to enjoy this, and hangs her wings out to dry afterwards. And I also use a home made wind tunnel, just a large fan she uses her wings when the stiff breeze is blown towards her as she faces the fan.After the vets on monday she will begin in ernest the procedure to get her flying free. Again any questions I will do my best to answer.

Terry, Herts UK said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

@ colin,
thanks for the update on 010....the pics of her on your blog are great and she looks really well. fingers crossed for monday - we're all waiting for good news.

steph (canada)

p.s. your windtunnel sounds amazing and 010 is very lucky to be lodging with you!!

Pax Canada said...

Colin, thanks for the update, it sounds like she is doing well in your excellent care, thank you :)

Karen Anne said...

That's great, Colin. You are taking such good care of her.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of holidays, I'm supposed to be off to Scotland, but I'm thinking seriously about the "Costa del Derby", it looks like shangri-la with it's continual sunshine, night and day!
Can anyone local with "real time" sight of the birds reassure us that all is still well with them? Hoping for GOOD NEWS from the vet on Monday for Oh-ten (and of course, lots of thanks to Colin in particular for all he has and is doing)

Julie said...

If I should ever "fall to earth" please will you take care of me as well? It sounds like Oh-ten is doing fine with you and I really hope the news on Monday is positive.
I really wish I was your neighbour :-)

Ann ( Canada ) said...

@ Colin, Like the other comments Colin I can only " " " Ditto from the Movie. You are doing a fantastic work and we are all so very proud you are on the team. 010 is very fortunate to have you taking such wonderful care of her. I know this will give her a fighting chance she might never have had before. Praying for good news on Monday and hopefully cameras will be back. This is torture for us knowing they will soon be gone and what last chances of seeing them are fading fast with each day the cameras are down. Hope the weather is as sunny when I arrive in September lol.

Project Member (Derby Cathedral) said...

For those who are worried - I had to go up the tower this evening to re-fly the flag ( a kind volunteer left it at half mast this afternoon!!
While I was out on the roof one of the Peregrines was flying around screaming at me! Didn't have time to notice which but at least one was there.

wayne1984 said...

Hi tony, i see your up and down the tower again, needs must. why was the flag at half mast? and is there any news on how long the webcams will be down?

Ann ( Canada ) said...

@ Tony Thanks for that info Tony This is awful not knowing what is going on. Our last chance of catching a glimpse of the youngsters before they are gone is quickly fading. How was that climb up the tower? Oh yeh you are used to it right? I have to get in training this time I thought I was going to die about halfway up last time when I came to England. Was just watching the video I took of you Tony telling me all about project. Hope to meet with you again in September. Keep us updated we are all very concerned. Any news is better than nothing.

Nick B (DWT) said...

And this morning, Sunday, early, I saw the tiercel on the tray and the falcon with one of the juvenile males together on the aerials above Rivermead House. Couldn't see the second juvenile but he might have been nearby - there are many roofs and other places such as the tall police aerial where these birds perch....and it is impossible to check them all.
The juvenile was calling, begging for food but the falcon just sat there, ignoring everything. Overhead a group of about 15 swifts wheeled about, some very close above the falcons. I have found swift feathers under the cathedral in at least the last two summers, so maybe it is at Rivermead that they are catching them.
A pleasant sunny morning though it is clouding over now and showers are forecast for later.
Nick B (DWT)

Terri said...

Well I've changed my mind about moderation because my last comment didn't get through and I'm confused about why and a little insulted to say the least. I believe in freedom of speech and I'm inclined to agree with what Tom S. said at the top of this comment page ... but anyway I just wanted to say Good Luck to Colin for Monday's visit to the vet, just please pass that message on even if you don't post this comment, I'm not bothered about that. Thoughts are with 010.

Colin said...

010 well this morning, fed in the open in a local field on the fist,
at first attempt away from my house.I have to say its a privilage
and a pleasure to work with such a
majestic falcon. I am however pretty much gutted she will never be able to be returned to the wild. One thing she has opened my eyes to, and got me thinking about through the shot she has ingested is the effect we as humans have on all flora and fauna by actions we take through our every day life.

Nick B (DWT) said...

Terry: no idea why your last comment didn't get through - not intentional. The blogspot system seems to be a bit iffy since I approved all five messages this morning but only three showed up (one of Ann (Canada) and one from nikki m didn't I'm afraid and they seem to have disappeared altogether)! So please don't think we deliberately didn't let your comment through. I didn't even see it waiting!
Nick B (DWT)

Karen Anne said...


Thank you for the update. It is very sad she will not be in the wild again, but at least she is alive and, cross fingers, will have a good life and exposure to the outdoors.


Blogger is strange sometimes. The project guys do so much, often on their personal time...

Karen Anne said...

Our own Ann (Canada) has just started her own blog at:

Ann's blog

Terry, Herts UK said...

How incredible it must feel to be taking a Peregrine Falcon to the vet tomorrow and (hopefully) a fantastic privilege for the vet, as well.

Colin, I envy you !

Phoebe said...


Thank you for your update. I am glad to hear 010 is well and that she has fed in the open away from your house. It will be good for her to see a different space, something she would probably not have if she were in a sanctuary. You can give her a much more interesting and exciting life in my opinion. It will be a lot of work for you with a ‘wild born and bred bird’ but also a learning curve that I hope we can all share. I anticipate tomorrows’ x-ray will be clear, if it is and she is given the opportunity of life, I feel confident you are the person to give her the best, if of course, you are willing and it is permitted. I do hope she is given a second chance.

The shot in her gut does make you realise the effect our human lives put on the wildlife that share this planet with us. I think we need to consider carefully just what impact we have!

I look forward to your next update.

Pax Canada said...

@ Colin, I too am so sad that this beautiful bird will never know the freedom of the skies,the question now is can she have a good quality of life without this ability? she is still alive and thriving thanks to your excellent care,could she stay with you and still know a measure of happiness even though she cannot fly again?, would you be willing to take that on, or even be allowed to do so?
My thoughts go out to you for you are seeing this all unfold up close and personal.

Ann ( Canada ) said...

@ All the team members.

Thanks for the update on 010 and the rest of the family. Hopefully good news for Monday. As I asked before if the worst comes to the worst will their be a permanent home found for 010 somewhere close? Lovely heart warming pictures Colin on your blog. I wish I could see her for my-self. I have never seen one up close only on pictures. Well keep up the precious work and I am sure your reward will come one way or another. Certainly agree that we all need to think about the way we carry on in this world and how much more we could do to help the ever decreasing population of wildlife.

Nick B (DWT) said...

Terri - response to your comment: thanks for forgiving us!
Nick B

Karen Anne said...

Thanks for the photo and news in News from the western front. (There doesn't seem to be a make a comment link there.)

It's great to see the photos and hear the news. Although now I am starting to worry a bit about the second male fledgling.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the flag at half-mast as I drove past on Saturday teatime, and hoped it didn't mean bad news!

Kate (Derby)