Monday, 25 May 2009

Watchpoints this week

Apart from the special Watch Point and Tower Tours today (Monday 25th) as outlined by Tony in a comment to the last post, there will be the usual watch points on Wednesday (27th), Friday 29th and Saturday (30th May).

Details of future ones will follow during the week.

Nick B


Anonymous said...

pax Canada 8.42am
chicks have been fed, there really moving around now, one was up along side mum on the scrape when she was feeding them.

Anonymous said...

Just come on and can't get the laternate view only seeing lots of feathers on the main scrape, hope they are ok. Joy

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much to the DWT and Cathedral volunteers for the Watchpoint and Tower Tour this morning, and of course to those involved in this site. It was good to see the bids in the flesh as it were and get my bearings as to where the camera shots are actually taken from.

We may have temporarily disturbed the male on our arrival on the tower roof as he circled a few times calling loudly, perhaps he thought we were going to be ringing the chicks again.

If you can cope with heights and a narrow spiral staircase take the tower tour, well worth the exertion required. Not sure I could cope with abseiling down the outside though.
Chris, Alrewas

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed coming to the Watchpoint today and meeting all of you great crowd involved in this fantastic project. It was good to put faces to names. We'll be up again in a couple of weeks when hopefully the "little" ones will be more on view on the ledge.

Best wishes to all.

Mary and Peter T - Caerphilly, S.Wales.