Saturday, 17 May 2008

Technical hitch

On Saturday morning it appeared our picture stream had frozen. Then later on our brand new audio/video stream also disappeared. We're really sorry about this.

We think we've traced the first problem to our hosting company, Streamdays. Many of the webcams they power around the country also seem to have frozen around 22:50 UK time on Friday evening. We're confident they will fix this soon, as their past record on this has been excellent.

The new live audio/video feed from our latest sponsors, Media on Demand, was working brilliantly earlier on, but later started giving only audio, and then disappeared completely. This may have been due to high user demand after our first stream failed. Or something could have happened to break the connection when we re-booted all our equipment inside Derby Cathedral's ancient tower. (Thanks for doing this, Tony)

So until Monday at least it seems we will be without a video feed. Rest assured that our cameras and recording equipment are still working fine. The configuration of that feed will have to be left to the IT experts from Capita early next week as it's beyond the skill of our Project Team.

Meanwhile, here is a lovely video clip of the chicks being fed on 13th May,

And here's below is a jay (Garrulus glandarius) being quickly dispatched after being caught and brought to the tower earlier this week. Peregrines have a special notch on their bills with which they can sever the neck of their prey, and presumably other parts, too. We do see the last moments of the jay in this clip, but it's important to appreciate that these are hunters, and that the killing of prey does happen and is an essential part of their lives. (As is the feeding of the plucked prey to the cute chicks). As we write this, we hear word from Tony, the Head Verger at the Cathedral that the head of what might turn out to be a Little Owl has just been found below the tower. We'll keep you informed on this, too.

Technical hitches inevitably happen from time to time and we do try our very best to sort them out as soon as we can. It's unfortunate that we've had two failures at the same time.

We have had other problems with our pictures freezing during the year, and we may need to buy a new video server if it proves to be an equipment fault here. If you want to help us to do that, then please consider making a donation. The project takes both time and money to run and these are very limited despite the sponsors and donors we already have. To donate please email for details of how to get money to the project but please be aware your email will not be responded to until Monday.
Many thanks.
Nick B (DWT); Nick M (Derby Museum & Art Gallery)
PS. If you are a newcomer to this blog please scroll down and read the previous entries to discover the magic of the new streaming service and see other essential messages and news.


Anonymous said...

Oh no don't say such things. Nick does not live in the cathedral!!! and he needs sleep!! you have shattered everyone's illusion of him now!!
The problem is we all forget with the standard of the delivery being provided that this is not a large enterprise and is done on a lot of good will and a shoe string. We will seek therapy prior to the return.
Many thanks. I am sure you will do your best

Nick Brown (DWT) said...

Thanks for that anonymous message .....even though the web cams and blog are hosted by the city council, the actual work involved in setting them up and maintaining them is down to just one person's amazingly hard work (and his skill). That's just the way it is. The other two partners in the project have been vital to its success since 2005/6 but they lack the technical wizardry of Nick M and can only help technically in very minor ways.
Nick B (DWT)

Anonymous said...

Not worried about the technical hitches. Just looking forward to when it all recommences. These things happen, and I am just grateful when everything is up and running. Good luck in getting whatever is wrong fixed. Very grateful viewer!!

Jackie said...

Hi - Can anyone offer some advice please?
I'm not getting a picture on the live feed, though I am getting sound, just heard the bells go at 1.45 pm.
Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Hmm - when I've tried to access the live stream today, I get sound, but no pictures.

The blog info suggests the stream is working - so is it something I'm doing wrong or a problem on my PC? Can any techies advise?

I'm using WM Player 10 (which worked fine on a different PC yesterday) and get the same symptoms (sound but no video) on the Windows version of the VLC Payer.

I can see the Ohio nestbox (4 chicks also!) fine:

Is the tech problem affecting the live stream also?


Anonymous said...

Just saw Jackie's comment above mine - not just me, then!


tm said...

I'm only getting sound on the live stream as well. Not complaining. JUst confirming what others have said.

Hoping that everything will be sorted out soon but fully appreciate you guys who are doing a wonderful job bringing these pics to us, often sorting out problems in your own time.

Jackie said...

Yes, I'd like to add how delighted, and grateful, I am that we have this site. I'm not going to worry about a technical hitch now and again. I'll just look forward to seeing the images when the live streaming's up and running again. Thank you, everyone, for all the care, enthusiasm and effort you put into this.

Audrey - London said...

There will whoops of joy when, eventually, the cam is up and running again!! In the meantime there is plenty on the site to amuse me and all the other fns. Anything I can take for withdrawal symptoms?????

Anonymous said...

All together now, recite after me...I am not addicted....I am not addicted...I am not addicted. Okay, then at least my neglected garden will get tended. Good luck everybody. Veronica in Cornwall.

Anonymous said...

And for Veronica, we popped down this morning no honestly I'm not addicted!!! Mum gave the babies 2 feeds. We could not see the little ones above the ledge but there was plenty of food being given and no reason to doubt that everything is ok. plenty of food in the stash. Dad arrived with a pigeon which was difficult for him to carry due to it's size. He prepared this on the top, ate some and stashed the rest.
Chris and Andy M

tm said...

Some methadone here:

Hit F5 every few seconds to refresh the pictures.