Friday, 4 April 2008

Egg No 4

We have confirmed that we now have four eggs! Well done to "Mum". From comments left it seems to have been first seen around 19:40 local time on Friday evening.

Thanks to everyone who emailed pictures. This one is from Martyn Williamson in South Yorkshire. Please, please don't send any more for now as there's now a danger my work "Inbox" will overflow over the weekend! It's great proof of how many of you are keeping a close eye on Derbys birds.

Shown below is yet another amazing peregrine mating sequence we managed to record a few days ago. It was taken on 29th March, a day after the first egg was laid on the Derby Cathedral nest. It was 05:30 in the morning, and only just getting light. The sound is faint, as our microphone is located on the nest camera, some 20metres lower down - but you can hear it also picking up a bit of the dawn chorus over Derby city centre.

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Anonymous said...

There are 4 eggs seen clearly at change over
Chris M

Karen Anne said...

Looking at that video clip, I think the distance the pudding cam is covering might be larger than it looks, or something. When the male returns in the latter part of the clip, he looks larger than the female. So, perspective? A little size distortion by the camera?

Jackie said...

Hello everyone - a rather dreary morning here in Derby.
Can anyone tell me how to capture an image from the website please?
I tried yesterday without success, but really have no idea how to go about it, and I'd like to be able to put images on my desktop.
Good to know there is a fourth egg.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie - just press the "Print Screen" button (may be Prt Scr or something like). This copies the display to the clipboard. From there you need to open something like Paint or Word, then Right click on a new document and click on "paste" on the list of options. Then all you need to do is either print the document or save it to your computer.

Good Luck!

Andy M

tm said...

As Chris says, definitely 4.

Another 'shift change' at 1056 BST. The male reluctantly handing back to the female!

BTW, why don't they have names?

Jackie said...

Hi Andy,
Thanks , pasting into Paint enabled me to crop off the extra webpage stuff and just save the image.

And, TM, there was much debate about names last year and, if I remember correctly, the feeling was that as they are wild birds, it didn't seem right to name them.

Ash said...

I agree, no names please. These are wild birds, not family pets.

Anna, Ripley said...

14.54 Just seen change of shift - so nice to see both parents together looking after their FOUR eggs.

Anna, Ripley

tm said...

1450 BST.

Both Peregrines in the scrape. Watched for a few mins. The male is on the eggs and the female is in the central divider of the scrape looking like she's trying to persuade him to leave, which he eventually does.

Great to see them both together on the scrape and see how much they both care about their prospective offspring.

tm. Hertfordshire.

Anonymous said...

Pax B.C. Canada
I have already named them in my own mind I call them Derby and Joan
does anyone remember that old song ? :):)It was also a poem by Bernard Shaw

Project Member (Derby Museum) said...

There's going to be an amazing egg-laying video coming soon, folks. So watch this space!
Nick M.

Anonymous said...

Is there any cahnce we could have better pictures later in the day from the latest camera? Don't take this as a cticism please. Many thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks Andy M for the instruction on how to capture a picture. Now the kids are going back to school I can save them anything 'egg-citing' I see while they are out. They've been fascinated with the web-cam during a rather wet, flu-spoilt Easter.