Friday, 29 February 2008

Ravens, Crows and Peregrines

Two black ravens are visible on the gargoyle ledge, whilst a peregrine hovers momentarily above, trying to dislodge them. Click to enlarge image. On Friday morning we saw clear evidence that a pair of ravens are still present around the tower of Derby Cathedral. The ravens were feeding on a stored corpse of a laA peregrine swoops down from above in an attempt to dislodge a pair of ravens. Click image to enlarge.pwing (we knew this because we'd seen snipe, golden plover and lapwing corpses on the upper ledge the previous day). Not surprisingly, this annoyed our peregrine, though not to the extent it had earlier in the week. From time to time the peregrines made repeated swoops in an attempt to drive the ravens away. They took little notice, even when one peregrine hovered right above them for some moments as can been seen in the left-hand picture.

Both ravens later moved off to the roof of a nearby building and started pestering a crow. You can clearly see how much larger they are then their smaller cousin as the picture below shows the crow perching on top of a satelite dish.
Notice how much large the ravens are than the crow which is perched on top of the satellite dish.
Ravens were seen on the roof of the building with a satellite dish, adjacent to Derby Cathedral.

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Nick Brown said...

Good work by Nick Moyes!
The March issue of Bird Watching magazine contains an article on urban peregrines which mentions the Derby birds several times.
An (even better) article, this one by UK expert on urban peregrines, Ed Drewitt, will apppear in BBC Wildlife magazine in April. Don't miss it!
Nick B

Karen Anne said...

Cool photos! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

not seen any peregrines all weekend could the ravens have pushed them away from the cathedral clive in matlock

Project Member (Derby Cathedral) said...

Don't worry Clive. they are still around and one is sitting on the edge of the nest even as I write this (1.50pm). I think it will take more than a pair of Ravens to see them off!!!

Tony G

Anonymous said...

I watched the male on the left camera for several minutes this afternoon from about 1600 until he flew off. In the very bottom left hand corner of the screen I saw what looked like a magpie flying back and forth for a few seconds. Maybe the falcon was chasing it.

It's now 1652 and the femail is perched on the ledge, visible from the right hand camera. Frequently looking upwards at something.

BTW, the faster refresh rate is excellent. Thanks!

...Terry. Hatfield, Herts. England.

Anonymous said...

eek... I meant FEMALE of course!

Anonymous said...

Pax, B.C. 12.14am
Falcon active on both sides of the nest, seems to be there most mornings now :)

Anonymous said...

Just got to the cathedral at 10.20 this morning to be greeted by the ravens arrival at the tower also,both the adult peregrines were on the tower, mum on the tray and dad on the gargoyle,but to be honest niether even bothered to bat i eyelid. both ravens and peregrines are both still there. Andy Simpson.

Anonymous said...

12.30 mum on the tray