Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Quick Way Down!

Well, this weekend brings the great sponsored abseil in aid of the Cathedral and the Derby Mountain Rescue Team. There are 116 people signed up to abseil down the 212ft Cathedral Tower plus 9 Teddies for a separate Teddy Abseil. These are offered the chance of a hard hat and gloves!! Sadly the BBC Bus will not be in attendance as planned by Radio Derby. Today we learned that the Local Council will not allow them to park the bus on the very wide pavement outside the Cathedral and they, reluctantly, have had to cancel their visit. Both the Cathedral and the BBC Bus Staff are upset by this decision. However, if you are in Derby over the weekend you will be most welcome to come and support those crazy people prepared to throw themselves off the tower. The abseils begin on Saturday at 9.30am and finish about 5.00pm and on Sunday begin at 12.00 noon(ish) and finish about 5.00pm. Refreshments are available on both days and we are hoping for good weather. So come along if you can and support these worthy causes. If you can arrive with £115 you can abseil on the day - £15 registration fee and £100 minimum sponsorship. I am there all weekend (on the ground!!) so please come along if you can and say hello.

See you there!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Nick, make sure you take some good pics of this exciting event and post on your site. Cheers! Jennie, HK.

SueH, Wendover said...

Hello all
I can't get to the abseil but will be thinking of you all. With another hat on, I will be (frantically) putting the finishing touches to the arrangements for a fund raising walk for the restoration of the Wendover Arm of the Grand Union Canal (taking place the weekend afterwards). That canal goes up to the Tring Reservoirs (I've not been keeping up with the local hobbies either, I fear). With a WWI rememberance hat on, I am attending an event in Nottingham on the last but one weekend in October and LOOK FORWARD to coming and visiting you then - can't wait!
Autumn has arrived in Bucks - whatever happened to the summer, we certainly didn't get it here. Some of our trees, especially the horse chestnuts, turned colour weeks and weeks ago, very strange. Not sure if they're dead or they just did all the growing they needed very early in the season. Worst of all, saw the first road killed badger this morning on the way to work. There's been a very welcome lull in this of late but I expect they are beginning to feel autumn in the air too and are more mobile. I was particularly sad as I'm the secretary of the Bucks Badger Group. I do wish people would a) drive slower in the first place or b) get help at the time - we have probably the best known wildlife hospital in the country right on our doorstep (Tiggywinkles at Haddenham)
I also do some amateur theatricals and I'm half tempted to say in the theatrical way "break a leg" at the weekend - but that would be tempting fate too much. So I'll just say have a great time - and as Jennie says, make sure you get lots of pictures!
SueH, Wendover

Nick Brown said...

Among the feathers I collected on Sunday was one now identified by Ed Drewitt as belonging to a stock dove, a new species for the prey list.
A pair of stock doves was seen on the tower several times during the summer. They may even have tried to nest there. Stock doves usually nest in holes in trees in farmland and parkland, so an urban location is somewhat surprising even if the textbooks say they do occasionally turn up in towns.