Saturday, 2 June 2007

Hitting the bigtime!

Earlier today we clocked up 100,000 hits since the cameras went live on 12th April.
This level of interest in our birds has surpassed our wildest expectations. Last week we featured in the top ten web cams worldwide as calculated by Earthcam - along with the Times Square web cam in New York - no mean achievement!
So, many thanks to everyone who has been logging on to watch the progress of our two chicks and special thanks to those of you who let us know where you are watching. Most of you are in the UK but as word spreads around the planet, we know we have many people logging on all over the USA, in Canada and Australia and in a few in other countries such as Hungary and France. If you are watching us somewhere else, do please let us know. A peregrine addict in Antarctica would be a first......
None of this would have happened without the tireless work of Nick Moyes at Derby Museum. Nick has been having a much needed (computer-free) break this week but he returns to receive a round of applause from everyone involved in the project - even if , for now, it is virtual and silent!
Graham Whitmore's photo shows the power and bulk of the female falcon taking off.
Ps. If you are new to this blog, scroll back to view YouTube video clips with audio of the 'early days' of nest scraping and 'e-chupping', egg laying and hatching....


Martin Kessel said...

Great to see the cameras working so well. As a result of them, I made the trip from Stoke on Saturday to watch and take some pics. I had a great day talking to everyone - thanks.
I have put some of my photos on the web at - I hope you like them, especially the ones where the bird is wet.
Martin K

Anonymous said...

Great pictures Martin! I have to say I really love Graham Whitmore's one in the diary too :)