Friday, 21 July 2017

Donations, the last Watch Point and a lovely letter

Update 22nd August:
Thanks to Helen and Kate for reporting seeing two peregrines (probably both adults) on the nest platform and below it recently and an adult and a juvenile on nearby Jurys Inn.
For those new to the project, both adults stay around all through the winter making sure that no intruders try to take over. Juveniles usually leave by or during September though it seems as if one is still remaining.
There's sometimes a short period of courtship behaviour in autumn but normally it doesn't last long. So hearing the birds calling and even seeing them scraping the gravel (as they do before egg laying) is not that unusual.
Kate has recently put photos on the Derby Peregrine Flickr site which is always well worth a look: .

The Project Team

A big 'thank you' to everyone who has sent a donation to the Peregrine Project this summer.
As always we are really very grateful. Your contributions allow us to run the web cams, the blog and the Watch Points and without them we would really struggle to keep going.

We've known for years that people who are unable to get out and about, for all sorts of reasons, derive a lot of pleasure from watching the web cams and reading the blog.
So it was really delightful to receive not only a generous donation last week from Meriel Jones who lives in Port Sunlight on the Wirral in Cheshire but also this letter about her mother:

"My mother, Mrs May Jones, is currently 99 years old but unable to get out. She has been keen on nature all her life.
The web cams of the adults and the young peregrines this year have fascinated her - a great window on the world for the housebound."

We have had letters and emails from people in their 80s before but never one from someone so close to becoming a centenarian!
So a big 'hello' to Mrs. Jones from all of us at the Project. We are honoured to have you as one of our many watchers in the UK and indeed around the world and we send our best wishes to you and many thanks to your daughter.

Ps. If you haven't yet sent us a donation, please click on the 'Donations' tab on the blog to find out how easy it is to donate.

Final Watch Point Report   
The final Watch Point (on Saturday 15th July) went well with over 500 visitors logged.
At least two of the young were visible and the female came and sat on the platform too.
A massive thanks to all our brilliant volunteers this year who worked tirelessly throughout.
More on this year's Watch Points will follow later but it has been a very busy and successful season with many more people seeing our falcons due to the poppies nearby.
A 2017 Watch Point

Hits top 300,000
Since January the blog and web cams have received 312,000 hits. While most come from the UK, we've had visitors from over 60 different countries this year. So thank you for watching and either stay with us through the winter (our web cams and blog stay live throughout) or rejoin us next spring.

The Project Team


kate said...

What looked like one of the youngsters, was flat out sleeping with head over the edge,
certainly made my heart flutter until it moved, and it may have been watching another perched on the ledge below.
Pics on Flkr

kate said...

This morning saw the usual youngster (I think)on edge of Tray, when another flew in to far end with prey, There was a lot of mantling over the prey and inviting, but the other not interested so ate it for itself.
pic on flkr

tushar soni said...
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tushar soni said...
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Helen said...

Two birds on the tower this afternoon, with one on the platform (possibly female) and another sitting below it on the stonework, which also looks like an adult bird. There's lots of calling so perhaps there is still a juvenile around too somewhere. Looks like the bird on the platform is moulting as it has some loose feathers on its chest and wing.

kate said...

Hi Helen
Both been visiting quite regular and they are in same position today. pic on flkr

Helen said...

Thanks Kate, nice to see the pictures on Flickr. There's been a couple of times when I've heard the birds calling but they haven't been visible on the cameras.

kate said...

10.35 one preening in scrape tuther beneath on ledge at mo. ( pic on flkr)

Anonymous said...

Kate - Flickr is spelled F L I C K R - not F L K R.

Anyone new searching for flkr will have a long search for the photos. Any chance of you putting those extra few letters in to make it a word that actually means something?

kate said...

Lovely to see the roof of the Nave being uncovered, and hope that it will have many years trouble free from leaks etc.

Will put a pic (Screen Capture)... for posterity on Derby Flkr Group (no no no FLICKR) and to save those not sure even after reading other posts, the quick links, or the subject of this Blog, here is a direct link to help.

Helen said...

An adult and a juvenile peregrine were sitting on the hotel lettering this morning. Both looked like they had full crops. There was a lot of calling but it was difficult to work out whether it was the adult or the youngster making all the noise! Great to see them both.

kate said...

Thank you Helen,

have not seen them when checking, they must be keeping an eye on
'Roof lego men'.from surrounding area.

lakshita soni said...
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kate said...

Wendy asked me to post a Screen capture of the Tarps being removed today, so pic is on Flickr.

One on the scrape tea time today

lakshita soni said...

Thank you helen..
This is such a very nice post. this is very attractive to see and amazing feeling are generates.
happy newyear2017

Wendy Bartter said...

Those Lego scaffolders are whizzing around this morning! Lol