Sunday, 6 March 2016

Exciting Derby Book Festival talk in June

As part of the second Derby Book Festival, there will be a talk by David Lindo, "The Urban Birder" in Derby Cathedral on Wednesday June 8th so, if you live within reach, make a diary note!
David will talk about his travels to watch birds and other wildlife in cities across the globe and, since he has already visited Derby and seen our project first hand, he has agreed to include a section about us in his
David first visited the city in 2010 to research an article for a bird watching magazine. Nick Moyes and I spent an enjoyable and sunny day showing him around. We climbed the cathedral tower, explained about the Derby Cathedral Peregrine Project and we also took him to see The Sanctuary Nature Reserve, long before it was threatened by development.
Nick Moyes with David Lindo, clearly dazzled
by the sun and by the project!
Derby Book Festival was a new venture last summer see here .
It was so successful that the organisers have widened its scope this year. They wanted to include some environmental authors and the first one to accept an offer to speak was David. Read more about his talk, entitled "Tales from Urban Jungles" here
Emma Wood, who is organising the Watch Points this year with help from our brilliant team of volunteers, will organise a special pre-talk Watch Point between 5 and 6 pm. Full details to follow.
Tickets for the talk itself will be on sale from 5th April either via the Festival's website or from Quad in the Market Place.

Nick Brown (Derbyshire Wildlife Trust/Derby Cathedral Peregrine Project)


Longwing said...

Have been watching the nest site for the last 3 week's the female has been present most day's playing about in the scrape but for the last 3 day's the nest site has been deserted ?

Kate said...

Hi Longwing
Like you I check in several times daily and she has been visiting daily, today staying much longer.
I usually post a pic on the flkr goup. ( link above on the right side)

Kate said...

Early visit today, both talking to each other before falcon flies off.


Kate said...

captured both in the platform very brief visit.

Kate said...

EN this morning, but good news overnight Nottingham laid first egg, she looks confoosed.. 03.54 ish if in a hurry!

Keiran Walsh, hope you get to visit on your 10th birthday here at Derby, and you never know our Bird here may have a surprise for you ( though maybe a little too early)


Kate said...

as I went back to check our Cam, she was in scrape turning, now on the edge.Pic as usual on flkr


Marie Gadsby said...

Nottingham has an egg!!!

Nick Brown (DWT) said...

Hi Marie/Kate: the Nottingham pair are usually about 10-14 days ahead of our we probably have more than a week to wait yet.....
Our earliest egg laying date was 23rd March in 2009.
Nick B

Kate said...

As Nick says Derby usually towards end of March..

For anyone new just joining us, Welcome, and there is a wonderful FAQ section that will give you much information about the Derby Birds and a Table of Laying, Hatching, Fledging and Ringing


Kate said...

Two in the scrape.. not sure who is who as first bird flew oof after some ritual and remaing bird scraping. Pics as usual

Kate said...

Good morning Kieran

Are you getting excited for your 10th Birthday?
Here is the link for Video of Nottinghams first Egg

An empty Scrape for us here at Derby this morning, Oh and also check out the Derby Flkr web page ( Link in the list above right)

Kate said...

Morning all EN this morning...

It would appear that Nottingham has just had it's second Egg.

Annie C said...

Definitely two eggs at Nottingham.

Kate said...

Morning all
Captured on the scrape briefly just a moment ago pic on flkr

HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY to young Kieran Walsh, wonder if he will visit the Cathedral and catch a Birthday glimpse of our beautiful Peregrines.


Anonymous said...
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Naomi Julia said...
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Sathiaja Sarah said...
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Heather said...

MrP on scrape communicating loudly to MrsP that he wanted a turn egg sitting - she duly obliged without him having to approach her and push her off as usually the case. Rather a heart stopping moment when he placed his talons right in middle of eggs but they're an experienced pair and know what they're doing. Better weather for them today, where I am we had sun, hail, thunder, and snow yesterday!

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