Friday, 15 January 2016

Posing Peregrine

While it is still a month or more before our peregrines start to get into breeding mode, things are quiet at the cathedral.
Both adults were seen on Jurys Inn recently - so it is good to know they are both still around.
There's been no recent news from Rutland Water about our bird 030 (see previous post).
So, instead, here's an intriguing photo of a peregrine posing on a bridge near Glasgow in Scotland, the photo taken in July by a traffic monitoring camera belonging to Traffic Scotland!
They were quite surprised to find this adult bird (which looks like a male to me) posing right in front of their lens.

"Am I in your way?"

Nick B (DWT)


Anonymous said...

Surely Robert De Niro. You looking at me?

Anonymous said...

He is so cute!
I'm looking forward for new breeding season in Derby.

Helen said...

Some great images of a snowy owl in flight were also captured on a traffic camera recently in Montreal, Canada.

Kate said...

Thanks Nick
Have just captured one of ours on scrape missed the actual delivery Doh!uploaded to Flkr

Hether said...

Wonder if the traffic police caught his (ringed) number plate, especially if he was doing over 100 miles per hour down the motorway but, of course, that's only in dive mode!

Hope last season's brood are surviving and getting used to the cold weather.

Hilary. B'ham said...

Rather a lot of big feathers on the scrape at 11.30 this morning. The bird still there admiring the view is probably too full to take off.

Nick Brown (DWT) said...

Hi All: thanks for your comments - good to know there are still people watching our birds and our blog even in these (now cold) winter days!
Hilary: indeed, a fair scattering of feathers...but no sign of the carcase!
Looks like the male bird to me.
Hether: love the analogy between number plates and rings....
I don't know what max. speed a peregrine has been recorded at in level flight, does anyone else? I do know that a swift has been recorded at 70 mph, so that's just on the motorway speed limit isn't it!
Nick B (DWT)

Kate said...

For those who missed seeing him this morning I have put a few captures on FLKR

Phoebe said...

Nice capture Kate!

Kate said...

Brr!!!! no wonder he stocked the larder and his tum yesterday.( Do they know more about the weather, than we ?)

At least Nick will not need to fetch the 'Hot Water Bottele' today CHOL:):)

Helen said...

Just managed a quick screen capture of the male peregrine sitting on the snow covered platform this morning.