Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year (and a talk)

Best wishes and a Happy New Year to all followers of the Derby Cathedral Peregrine Project which is now managed by Derbyshire Wildlife Trust on behalf of a partnership consisting of the Trust, The Cathedral, the City Council (especially its IT team) and Cathedral Quarter.
Overnight and during the day, the snow on the platform, as elsewhere, has vanished as the temperature shot up by 10 degrees. Clearly there has been some feeding on the platform today (or last night?) since there are now lots of feathers and a length of some prey's alimentary canal!
Since this blog began, early in 2007, we have put up 570 posts, that's roughly 70 posts per year. In response we've received over 15,000 comments which is very encouraging - we really do have a virtual support community don't we?

So a big thank you to everyone who has posted a comment, sent in a donation, attended a Watch Point or just watched our birds on the wen cams.
2015 will be our tenth season and, naturally, the tenth breeding year for our resilient pair of falcons.
There's much to look forward to!

Best wishes,

The Project Team (Nick M, Ian L and Nick B)

Ps. Nick B will be giving an illustrated talk about the project to Staffs Wildlife Trust Local Group at All Saints Church, Branston Road, Burton on Trent on Tuesday 6th January at 7.30pm. should anyone live in that parking is over the road in Hurst Setters Assocs. CP.


Lynda said...

Thank you for the lovely picture of the Cathedral in the snow. It would make an attractive Christmas card for next year!

Linda said...

Happy New year Everyone. here looking forward to the 2015 Peregrine family too. xx

Green class said...

we have seen the peregrine falcon scrapping on the Derby cathedral. It was pushing with its big long yellow feet. The peregrin was standing on the edge of the platform. The peregrine was looking at the roof of the connueshul.It uesed its beek because it mait find something. It cept pecking in the gravel. Under wair the peregrine falcon stands theys a car park is. The bird can see a long way.

AnnieF. said...

Hello Green Class,
You were lucky to see the peregrine falcon scraping. Its feet must be very strong. The middle of the scrape has a big round dent in it now, like a large saucer, and it is nice and tidy. The other half of the nest box is very messy!

Nick Brown (DWT) said...

Hi Green Class (and Annie): the nest will be cleaned up quite soon now. Nick Moyes will abseil down on a rope from the top of the tower and take all the prey remains away, adjust and clean the cameras and check everything is in working order.
He'll probably do that sometime in February, depending on the weather. It has to be dry and with no high winds and preferably warm too!
Nick B (DWT)

Lorraine said...

I know this might be a tricky question, but might some sort of overhead cover be fashioned and secured across a corner of the scrape this year?

I've seen man-made scrapes that have shelter incorporated, but not sure if it's practical or feasible in the Derby scrape.

Just a thought............

Anonymous said...

Re: Lynda's comment of Christmas card of Cathedral in snow, would it be economically viable to produce calendar for next year featuring our peregrine family? Every year we seem to obtain some magnificient photos and I'm sure there would be many people interested in purchasing such a calendar. I for one would be first in the queue!

Green class said...

the peregrine dosent allways walk in the gravel.some times it sits on masif letters.

Phoebe said...

Not sure but is that snow falling around the scrape?

Lorraine said...

Think your right Phoebe - can see some watery flakes drifting about on live Cam4 when I tuned in just now.

No one home at present.

Anita Squires said...

I have a cheeky peek this morning and usually she's there by now no sign as of yet maybe she's across the road on Jury's Inn sign with her mate

Lorraine said...

Just tuned in to catch both adults in the scrape. Some vocal greetings as they both inspected the hollow ( newly cleansed of feathers and frosty covering! )before the tiercel flew down to his usual preferred "post" at this time of year, on the corbel below the scrape.

Wasn't quick enough to catch a shot of them both in the hollow, but caught one soon after which shows Mum in the scrape and Dad just visible below.

Now both flown off, so it was a lucky tune in I had !

Maybe we'll start seeing them together more often from now on, whilst they re-establish their bond and prepare the nest.

Lorraine said...

Sorry not too clear folks, but BP image shows the two adults - falcon in the scrape and tierce just visible below.
Time was - just after 5pm 22.01.15

Anita Squires said...

So glad you have seen them both Lorraine as I haven't seen them for two days thank you was getting worried x