Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Recruiting an Engagement Officer begins

An advertisement has just been put out by Derbyshire Wildlife Trust for a part time Peregrines and People Engagement Officer (PPEO) post to start in January 2013, funded by HLF, the Heritage Lottery Fund.
Initially the post is for six months (Jan to end July 2013) working three days a week with a further three months in summer 2014.
The PPEO will work to engage local communities with the project, prepare education packs and other resources for schools, help with the blog, give talks, help organise and run the Watch Points next summer among other duties. They will work closely with both 'Nicks' - Nick Moyes, now contracted by the Trust to work on the project as its Peregrines and People Technical Advisor and Nick B in his voluntary capacity.
For more details of the post please see the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust's website
(  ) or ring the DWT office on 01773 881188 in office hours and ask for an application pack if you are seriously interested in applying.
Clearly there are certain qualifications and skills that are required, for example, some experience of environmental education delivery, IT skills etc. and it would be worth checking through these before deciding whether to apply or not. The closing date for applications is the 16th November with interviews on 26th.
There may be an opportunity for the PPEO to carry out some paid work on the project in the gap between July 2013 and April 2014, depending on what non-HLF monies we have in hand. There's plenty of work to be done!
Nick B (DWT)  (Peregrine photo courtesy of Dave King)


Helen said...

Very interesting watching the female peregrine scraping in the nest platform this afternoon. It looks like she's made quite a deep depression in the gravel. I've also noticed the birds caching their prey underneath the metal support strap in the centre of the platform recently. After feeding they've dragged the remaining prey parts right underneath the strap and then retrieved them later on. It looked as if there might have been the remains of a woodcock there one night but it was gone by the morning!

Helen said...

Both adult birds visible on the tower this morning, soaking up the sunshine.

Anonymous said...

It's been ages since I've logged on here and boy, what a shock to see the "Peregrine in Hospital" story! I hope the bird is now OK, I wonder what had happened? It's really bizarre that nobody thought to alert the project, but it sounds as if the bird was in very good hands. It sounds as if the new Engagement Officer will have plenty of work to do as these are surprisingly lots of people still to reach. I could almost be tempted to apply myself but I think the commute might be a little bit too much!

Anonymous said...

Oh and PS, we have waxwings in Bucks now, do you have them in Derbyshire? Here is a short clip of some video taken by a "Bucksbirder" in Aylesbury yesterday

nick brown (DWT) said...

Yes Sue - plenty in Derbyshire: 80 in Allestree (a suburb of the city) and more in Belper, Bakewell, Ilkeston etc. Great birds!
Nick B (DWT)