Saturday, 1 September 2012

What's On The Menu?

The table below gives an up-to-date list of prey items taken by Derby Cathedral's peregrine falcons.

All except one are birds, all caught in mid-air.
Can you spot the odd one out?

Blackbird House martin Snipe, jack
Blackcap Jackdaw Starling
Chaffinch Jay Swallow
Corncrake Knot Swift
Crow Kingfisher Teal
Cuckoo Lapwing Tern, arctic
Dove, collared Magpie Tern, common
Duck, ruddy Mallard Thrush, mistle
Duck, tufted Moorhen Thrush, song
Dunlin Owl, litle Turnstone
Fieldfare Pigeon, feral/domestic Wagtail, pied
Gadwall Plover, golden Water-rail
Godwit, bar-tailed Quail Waxwing
Godwit, black-tailed Redwing Whimbrel
Goldfinch RedshankWoodcock
Grebe, little Robin Woodpecker, greater spotted
GreenfinchSkylark Woodpigeon
Gull, black-headedSnipe, common Rat, brown

This list was last updated in 2013 

Kingfisher - one of the newest additions to our prey list in 2011.