Sunday, 1 April 2012

You have three webcam viewing options: 
Click an image below to open a webcam stream in a new window or tab.


Click to view webcam stream 1.

description here - Webcam Click to view webcam stream2

description here - Webcam 3
Click to view webcam stream3
NEW! Nest view. Refreshes every 6 seconds. No audio.
Multi-view. Refreshes every 6 seconds. No audio.
Full streaming video with audio. 
(10 minute timeout).

Four cameras now watch over our peregrines.
Three are fitted to the nest platform. The fourth is on top of the cathedral tower, directly above the nest platform. It looks horizontally across the tops of three 'grotesques' (stone animal carvings) on which the birds often perch, feed and roost. You can see a white hotel in the background (Jurys Inn). 
Because we swap our camera feeds around from time to time, you may not see the precise views shown above. Our webcams are shown on Derby City Council's website as we rely on their IT network to get our pictures out from the Cathedral tower.

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