Friday, 3 February 2012

Good turn out for Tony

Last night's service and presentations to Tony as he left the Head Verger's post went very well.
There were well over 200 people present, a much bigger congregation than is usual, made up mostly of people who had come especially to thank Tony for his hard work, help and unfailing good humour over the eleven years he's been at the cathedral.
A small band of 'peregrine people' attended (including one staunch supporter coming over from the West Midlands!). Nick's M and B presented Tony with a framed photo of the male standing on the platform edge waving at the assembled crowd below. This shot was taken by Graham Whitmore in 2007 and he has kindly allowed us to use this and other photos over the intervening years.
In addition, Tony was given some wine and a copy of J A Baker's beautifully written book, The Peregrine.
The lengthy introduction, by Mark Cocker, even mentions our Derby Cathedral birds!
Thanks to everyone who contributed to these gifts. photo copyright Graham Whitmore
Nicks B and M


Anonymous said...

I was there as both a congregation member and a peregrine watcher! A very successful event.

Kate (Allestree)

Helen said...

The peregrines seem to be making the most of the newly cleaned platform as there was quite a lot of bowing and scraping taking place earlier today!

Craig said...

Hope the Peregrines are keeping warm, very snowy.

Slumpy said...

They seem to have made a scrape already. There seems to be a depression in the snow looking at the left hand camera

Project Member (Derby Museum) said...

Just to let everyone know that I have rather belatedly re-set the webcam hit counter to show visits from the start of 2012.

In summary we have so far had 14,100 hits in 2012;
327,124 hits in 2011
2.025 million hits since we began back in 2007.

jan t said...

so nice to have all webcams back thanks jan suffolk