Sunday, 29 January 2012

Could it be one of ours?

Notice  Monday 30th Jan: Weather permitting, the nest platform and cameras are due for a maintenance inspection and adjustment on Tuesday afternoon (1-2pm onwards). We are grateful to Sam and Daryl from Acclimbatize who have kindly offered to do this maintenance work on our behalf, and whose feet you may occasionally see in our webcams. We're looking forward to meeting them tomorrow (all of them, not just the feet). Derbyshire Police have been given advance notice of our planned maintenance, lest anyone mistakenly rings them to report suspicious activity in the vicinity of a peregrine's nest! Please be aware we have switched cameras on our webpages. One now shows the view from the faulty camera which fell from its mount during the winter. We need to be able to see the image over our smartphone in order to adjust it and ensure the new camera position is suitable.

Recently we received photos of a peregrine taken by Roger Browne in Croydon, Surrey, UK.
It has a reddish ring on its left leg - the same colour (and leg) that we ring our Derby juveniles with. Roger asked: 'Could it be one of your Derby birds?'
Unfortunately, the photos were taken at a distance and it is not possible to read a number on the ring. Indeed, the ring is a bit

distorted and may be different in form from the ones we use.
 Derby colour ring - the first one ever put on (in 2007) Photo NB(DWT)
So probably, we'll never know if this was one of our youngsters now grown into an adult and living elsewhere.
To our dismay, we have also learnt recently that orange-coloured rings have been used on peregrines in other counties, albeit with a different lettering system. This is quite disappointing as until now we had thought our colour rings were distinctive. It seems that ringers in London and Lincolnshire might have thought the same as us, too. 
It would be great to know that this was indeed one of our birds. Let's hope it is seen and photographed again.....

For details of Tony Grantham's leaving service and presentations, please see the previous post.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be great if it was one of "our" peregrines! Let's hope for some more photos that might give us more information. Any news on when the abseil and clean up is to be? It's just that I'm on leave this week :-)

Mary T (Belper)

Nick Brown (DWT) said...

Hi Mary: it should be tomorrow afternoon, starting sometime around 1.30 to 2pm , weather permitting.
Nick B (DWT)

Project Member (Derby Museum) said...

Please note, the web cameras have been switched over, and the tower cam view has been removed. This is a temprary change whilst we attempt to clean and remount the cameras on Tuesday afternoon. (We need a good view tomorrow so we can give you a good view all year)

Craig said...

Good luck with the weather this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

It's very cold but dry in Derby so let's hope the conditions are good for this afternoon.

Mary T (Belper)

Anonymous said...

Great show! I am watching the nest clean-up from San Francisco. Hair-raising at times, but quite enjoyable (for me sitting safe at home). Thanks for preparing "our" nest for the excitement to come. Cheers, Carol in SF

Anonymous said...

Was keeping an eye out for the nest clean up chaps but had to go out so not able to make it down. The weather in Derbyshire is bitterly cold and I really feel for them up in that nest box. Interesting to watch the work in progress though and looking forward to seeing it all tidy and ready for the new breeding season.

Mary T (Belper)

Mo Cole Belper said...

Well done guys a good couple of hours cleaning lol.... sooner you than me x

Julie said...

I enjoyed the "show" this afternoon - kind of surreal suddenly seeing a foot appear on the scrape! And I hope that Lakeland appreciated the free advertising!
Well done all.

Nick B (DWT) said...

The abseil went well and the fallen camera is back in position and working. The nest was cleaned up and so things are ready for the new season.
The pair were on Jurys Inn but the falcon did come over briefly, circled the tower once to see what was going on (screaming at us as she flew) and then returning to the JI signs.
More details/story to follow later.
Nick M/Nick B

jan t said...

i have been looking at this site for 4 years have been down Derby 2010 i read the post every day .
must say the nest is ready for mr and mrs p.good job done .i live in suffolk . Norwich has a pair of Peregrine so we are hopeing for a good year .JAN T