Tuesday, 5 July 2011

What now? plus an Update

Update Thursday 7th: all four juveniles on the tower this afternoon, three above the nest and one on the north side. No sign of either adult. NB

With luck, the experience of watching our Derby peregrines this year has also opened your eyes to the wildlife around you - so where can you turn next and what can you do?

We would encourage everyone, wherever you may be, to support and - where possible - also join your local wildlife organisation. In Derbyshire this is the
Derbyshire Wildlife Trust (DWT) and you can find out more about what the trust does by visiting its website; http://www.derbyshirewildlifetrust.org.uk/

You can join DWT via the website or by phoning the Trust office on 01773 881188 - you don't have to live in the county to become a member.
There are county wildlife trusts in every other part of the UK. To find you local Trust, be it Surrey WT or Scotland WT, visit the trusts national website

Also, why not take a trip to some of your local nature reserves or attend a field or indoor meeting organised by a trust? Details are on their websites. The DWT website also features a weekly wildlife diary which is located under the 'news' section (written by a certain NB!)

DWT's Chee Dale Nature Reserve near Buxton

If you still have some money left over after donating to the peregrine project, then there are many hundreds of deserving conservation projects both in the UK and abroad. For example, the great work that Birdlife Malta does trying to halt the slaughter of migrating birds (including many birds of prey) which pass over that island. The conservationists there are incredibly brave, facing physical attacks from the hunters and regular vandalism of their newly established nature reserves. There are similar organisations in Italy and Cyprus....

Obviously, DWT is the organisation we would hope to direct you to first and foremost since the trust has been a major partner and supporter of this project since its inception more than six years ago.

Nick B (DWT)

Ps. And don't forget our excellent project DVD 'The Peregrines of Derby' is still available at £9.95 (inclusive of p&p) from DWT by phoning 01773 881188 in office hours.


Joy said...

Chee Dale is a beautiful place for walking and seeing the wildlife, especially the dippers.

What is hanging in front of one of the cameras

Nick Brown (DWT) said...

Joy: its the wing of a prey item - probably a pigeon. It's been there for days and looks like it will be there for awhile yet.
The 'pud cam' which looks across the top of the 'gargoyles' towards 'that' hotel is also in trouble - the juveniles have been leaning against it and it is now very hazy. Again, we are not able to clean the lens without disturbing the birds - so that job will also have to wait awhile.
Nick B (DWT)
ps. Yes, Chee Dale is lovely and, as you say, good for seeing dippers.

Mo and Pete Cole said...

Been on the green today and saw all juveniles flying and shouting for food.....didn't see Mr and Mrs P but I am sure they weren't far away. It was good to see the Silk Mill Museum being used...lets hope common sense prevails.... x

Joy said...

Thanks Nick, originally I had thought it was the tail of one of our peregrins until it seemed to be permanantly.

KerrySuffolk said...

Two on the platform, one on the pudding cam. So pleased they have stayed around this year, it makes up for last year!

KerrySuffolk said...

Two on the platform, two on the pudding cam!

KerrySuffolk said...

Three on the tower!

Mo Cole Belper said...

Saturday 10.30am...one little peregrine having his breakfast on the tower.....they seem to be a very close family all four sat on the tower yesterday.... x

Anonymous said...

One on pudding cam - lovely sight!!