Thursday, 5 June 2008

Precocious youngster

These photos were taken today from the watch point area behind the cathedral by Colin Pass, a local bird watcher, falconer and expert photographer.... as you can see!
To enlarge them and see the birds much better, just click on the image. Both shots are of the falcon (the female).

The youngster on the left is clearly standing on the edge of the platform - and a bit earlier than it should be really, judging by the behaviour of the young in the last two years. It seems quite steady and there was very little wind in Derby today, so we're sure it will be OK. If it were to fall, it would end up on the nave roof and we could rescue it from there if needed.

Regarding Sunday we look forward to seeing some of you during the day. The tower tours are now full but there will be many other things to look at in the Market Place and of course at the Watch Point where you might be lucky and see an adult bringing in food.

Don't forget that DVDs will be on sale on Sunday - so do snap one up while stocks last!

Parking is free in some car parks and on-street too, but be sure that you check first. The nearest free one is Chapel Street CP, NW of the cathedral but only a short walk away.

Nick B (DWT)

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mark murfin said...

HI Nick, no1 has been sitting on the edge for the last couple of days, must say it worried me, but he seems quite steady,

cheers mark murfin

Anonymous said...

Any sign of last year's offspring while these are here?

Froona said...

I have seen the youngster on the edge as well this morning. But he seems quite comfortable there. He climbed on and off a couple of times! Got some great shots of that from the inside on my Blog!

He's on the edge now again, preening.
They are growing up real fast now! And getting more beautiful every day!
Colin took an amazing shot!He is a very gifted photographer indeed!

Anna, Ripley said...

I've just had a very amusing 10 minutes on the live stream - our four youngsters are so entertaining even when they don't appear to be doing very much. They are still rather clumsy and sometimes fall over each other or try out their wings and land on a brother or sister.......and get a very disapproving look. I could watch for hours. Far better than TV, except for Springwatch.


Anonymous said...

(.10p.m. just managed for the first time for ages to get the live video but without sound. Not much happening hwever. Hope to get both before long! love watching. Mickleover

Anonymous said...

I think I agree with Anna from Riplety, although springwatch could be improved without Bill Odie - goes on too much. S

Nick Brown (DWT) said...

No reports of last year's two young but who knows they may be out there somewhere.
Capita due to work on the audio stream tomorrow so fingers crossed.
Interesting to see a peregrine drinking in a quarry pool on tonight's Springwatch programme...wonder where ours go to drink and bathe?
Nick B (DWT)

Karen Anne said...

Alas, live video seems to be gone.

Anonymous said...

Apologies for my earlier comments about other bird sites. It never occurred to me that it could cause a problem - I just don't think in the same way as anyone who could contemplate harming animals. Glad to hear the birds in question are under watch. Any chance of removing my earlier comment, Nick?

Liz, Derby

Nick Brown (DWT) said...

We are sorry the live stream has failed again....hopefully Capita will attend to it tomorrow, both picture and audio.
Nick (DWT)

Penny said...

Just had five marvellous mins watching live stream. Oldest chick not just wing-flapping but seemed to be imagining how it feels to soar, standing against the egde with open wings. They are very interested in all directions of their surroundings (perhaps looking for breakfast arriving). Slight breeze making shed baby fluff fly away. Looking forward to Sunday. xx Penny

Anonymous said...

PLEASE can we have something from Colin Pass and his photography?It is truly great.

Dennis,local lad.

Anonymous said...

I just checked in and one of them is sat on the edge again!!