Friday, 2 November 2007

Admin message: Comment Spamming

From today we've added word verification for all comments left on this blog. This means you'll now be prompted to read some words and type them in to a box before your comments get posted.

I'm afraid we've been hit recently with a huge number of automated comments left on archived posts. These posting themselves look innocuous, but there is a risk that anyone clicking on the hyperlink of the persons name will be taken to inappropriate or virus-laden websites. We do our best to remove these postings when they appear. Please don't click on any links you may find.


Anonymous said...

B.C. Canada 12.27am
falcon on edge of the nest.

Audrey (London UIK) said...

0955.a.m. Falcon on left hand side of ledge...good to see!!

Anonymous said...

BC Canada 6.34pm
Falcon on edge on right side

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you have kept the webcams up and running longer than you prodicted.

Anonymous said...

BC Canada 7.00pm
falcon on left edge of the nest

Anonymous said...

BC 8.30am
falcon on right edge of nest, setting sun shining on its feathers

Anonymous said...

please can any of the nicks please give me any indication as to what is dead in the tray it looks like a bird of prey

Project Member (Derby Museum) said...

I've only seen this in darkness, but I would say it's a Lapwing.

It certainly not one of our peregrines, but a nice meal all ready and waiting for when they next get peckish.

Hope this puts your mind at rest.

Nick M.