Thursday, 25 October 2007

Peregrines on UK TV - NEW POSTING

If you are UK based you may have seen BBC1 TV's The Nature of Britain programme last night on urban wildlife with great shots of peregrines in Bath. If you live in the East Midlands you will have seen the short sequence about 'our' Derby birds at the end, beamed just to the region. The programme is repeated next weekend (check schedules for the day/time).

If you live beyond the E. Midlands you should be able to see the Derby clip (with Nick Moyes) at this revised url:

Ps Recent prey identified by Ed Drewitt includes teal, woodcock, golden plover, redshank and, most interestingly, the second QUAIL we have had (first one in autumn 2005). Quail are very scarce summer visitors to the UK (and virtually absent from Derbyshire), migrating down to Africa for the winter. There are more in East Europe which is probably where this one came from (we've had easterly winds recently, blowing migrants across from the continent). Quail are night migrants so this one was probably taken close to the cathedral - certainly under the city's floodlighting. Peregrines in Warsaw (Poland) apparently take a lot of quail. How facinating this whole story is!


Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,

The URL doesn't work, pls paste it in full. Cheers, Jennie HK.

Anonymous said...

It works, thanks Nick. So you've decided to remove the previous clip on peregrines from your site? When do you think the flower project will be ready? Jennie, HK.

Nick Brown said...

Jennie: not sure what you are referring to re. removing a clip? Please email me at DWT to explain. Also the flower (flora) project is not mine but Nick Moyes' work.

Anonymous said...

Oops, my mistake! The previous clip starts with the peregrines, but this new one starts with nature reserve and introduces the birds at the 5.20 mins. That's why I thought it was a different video. Jennie, HK.