Monday, 11 June 2007

Spectator Sport

Apparently, on Saturday (9th), one of the peregrines visited Derbyshire County cricket ground nearby. During the luncheon interval, and watched by many spectators, it chased and caught a jackdaw! Thanks to the Derbyshire Ornithological Society's website for this
Jackdaws have been recorded as prey at Derby before, so the number of prey species still stands at 39.
The complete list is: teal, gadwall, mallard, tufted and ruddy ducks, golden plover, lapwing, woodcock, snipe, jack snipe, dunlin, redshank, knot, turnstone, bar tailed godwit, common tern, little grebe, water rail, quail, moorhen, jay, jackdaw, magpie, mistle thrush, redwing, fieldfare, blackbird, song thrush, starling, swift, waxwing, goldfinch, greenfinch, pied wagtail, robin, great spotted woodpecker, wood pigeon, collared dove and feral pigeon.


Anonymous said...

Can you post a full list of all the birds and mammals you know they've eaten?

Project Member (DWT) said...

I've added the list to the blog entry. The total UK list of species taken by urban peregrines is now well over 90!

helenhoward said...

many thanks for allowing us to use your telescopes on sunday june 10th we watches awe struck as one of the adults tore a pigeon to pieces, very gory but facinating all the same. I had to laugh as the chicks showed no apparent interest in the cathedral bells untill they stopped and they were looking round to see where the noise had gone!!
many thanks once again for allowing us to share such a wonderful experience

Anonymous said...

You missed domestic pigeons on the list pal!

Anonymous said...

So that's where the male went on Saturday! We were at the watchpoint from 9.30 to 2.00 and never saw him once. No wonder if he'd cleared off to watch the cricket!

Andy & Chris Marshall