Friday, 1 June 2007

Ringing the chicks - disruption likely

Ringing a chick from the 2006 brood

Please note that we will be ringing the two chicks this evening (June 1st). There will be some disruption to the web cam pictures for about an hour while the ringing is in progress. We will disable the cameras, otherwise viewers will see parts of the abseiler suddenly appearing on the platform and will probably start to panic, thinking there was an intruder!

The female will certainly fly about screaming at us. However, only minutes after the chicks have been replaced on the platform, she will return to brood them and life will return to normal.

The licenced ringers, are very experienced at this work. They have been ringing peregrines and other raptors for many years and what they will do tonight is quite routine for them.

More details about the chicks, what sex they are and the details of their rings will follow later.

Note that the photo shows one of LAST year's chicks being ringed.


Ash said...

Did a 'Derby Colour ' get sorted out for the ringing?

Project Member (Derby Museum) said...

Yes. As later entries now show, all peregrines ringed in Derbyshire from now on will have an orange coloured ring. This is irrespective of where they were reared in the county.