Friday, 1 June 2007

Fine photo

Adult male Peregrine. Photo Courtesy of Graham Whitmore
This excellent photo of the male was taken a day or two ago by Graham Whitmore. It shows his smaller, more compact build, darker hood and much yellower eye ring and cere (the area at the base of the beak).
Peregrines spend a lot of time preening and grooming themselves and keeping their feet clean is a vital part of their daily ablutions.

Thanks Graham - keep 'em coming!

If you want to know more about peregrine biology, the 'bible' we all refer to is a book called simply The Peregrine Falcon, written by Derek Ratcliffe and published by T and AD Poyser in 1980 (revised in 1993). It is now out of print but second hand copies can be obtained eg via Ebay. But be warned -they aren't cheap!


Anonymous said...

Hello there!
Probably a silly question, but I have observed this morning that the female spent a lot of time in the right corner of the box (facing the corner) with the chicks in the left corner. Does anyone know why.
Thank You soo much for the webcam! Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this project is funded somewhat by the Council,if so,EXCELLENT,LETS HAVE A PERMENANT FIXTURE.