Friday, 25 May 2007

Our First Sponsor!

Capita logo - our first supporting partnerWe would like to welcome Capita as the first sponsors of the Derby Cathedral Peregrine Project. This is an exciting moment for us, as Capita are Derby City Council's IT support agents, and nationally have a huge role in supporting key business operations.

Until now, our project has utilised their expertise in wireless connectivity and server configuration in a normal customer-client relationship. i.e. someone pays for their skills, and this has been the City Council.

But now we hear that they are keen to support our project by offering us free technical support. Not only that, they are keen to meet the cost of a second "Peregrine Watch" banner which will Watch Out for another banner like this one - but bearing the name of Capita - a new supporting partnermore effectively promote and publicise our manned Watch Points on Cathedral Green, in both this and future years. The Watch Points are now running every day in good weather from 10am-2pm right to, and perhaps beyond, fledging in mid-late June. (see blog entry for May 15th)

We don't expect Capita to be at our beck-and-call every minute of the day, but it does mean we can now pursue some IT developments this season to give us a more rugged service without incurring costs we simply can't afford. Not only that, we can talk together about future IT opportunities for next season - something we've already started to think about.

If you would like to donate to the Peregrine Project, or discuss sponsoring us in some way, please contact any of the three Project Partners. Very soon we will have a "shopping list" of the essential items we will need to purchase once we've returned the items loaned to us this season.

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