Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Moving About

No doubt everyone has realised that the two chicks are moving about now and that they may only be visible from the 'other' camera.....so don't panic....they're still on the platform - and visible!
The day brightened up after a wet start and both adults took advantage of the sun and wind to soar high above the cathedral this afternoon, accompanied at one point by a passing sparrowhawk.
The family events went well and the children had great views of both adults through the telescopes. They also made model peregrines, watched a short powerpoint presentation and played food chain games on Cathedral Green. Catch 'em young!
We have had more feedback including kind words from someone watching in Hawaii. Thanks and welcome!
More good news on the sponsorship front today too, with Capita UK now offering us more staff time and £1000 towards our financial needs. More on this to follow. Incidentally, visitors to the watchpoint have donated over £200 already - many thanks if you have put a pound in the donations box!
Finally, BBC TV's Springwatch website has links to our web cams on its home page. Let's hope they decide to show some of the video footage we have sent them sometime during the next three weeks.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Nick for posting our photo on the website. Kids can't wait to get back to school to do 'show & tell' about the peregrines.

We've been loging on every day to see what's been happening.

What a fantastic afternoon we had.

Pete, Amy & James Lister

jonathan titterton said...

here's a question for the public. Are the perigrins and thier chicks named? becuase i was thinking calling the male grevious becuase of his call he sounds like an old man with a bad cough

Project Member (Derby Museum) said...

We've not made a decision on naming the adults. If we did it would be important to reflect the majesty and independance of these magnificent birds, and not to put upon them any suggestion of human traits or other anthropomorphic feelings. But your suggestion is noted - thanks.