Friday, 13 April 2007

Flying High - We're Live

We did it! At last, all the Team's efforts have paid off. We're out on the internet, and you can now watch Derby Cathedral's peregrine falcons as they incubate their four eggs over the next 28 days.
Just follow this link to the Peregrine Page on Derby City Council's website
- or alternatively, try this link to a temporary webcam page to see the images themselves.

A Peregrine launches into the air from Derby Cathedral. Photo: J.Salloway
  • We have two video camera streams for you to watch, changing every three seconds. Later we will have two sets of static images and an audio stream which will be more suited to dial-up users. Please tell us how you find viewing the pages, and forgive any glitches or breaks in service as things bed down. (We had one over Saturday, but a reboot of our video server by the Head Verger at 7.30pm resolved the problem!)

If you wish, you can give us feedback by leaving a public comment on these blog pages, or you can complete the "Contact Us" form at the bottom of the peregrine page of Derby City Council's website to make direct contact with the project team.

My goodness, it's been a long hard slog, and immensely frustrating at times, but well worth all the hours and hours at home and at work, making plans, writing risk assessments, talking to suppliers and IT experts, as well to other peregrine projects around the world. Thanks to everyone who has helped to get us to this point, including those who gave donations or grants. See the main Peregrine Project Page for full details.

Nick Moyes
Derby Museum and Art Gallery


Anonymous said...

Never mind the slight hiccup, I am sure all will soon be solved. Looking forward to when all is running, as I am sure it soon will be. Thank you to all concerned with this delightful project, it is appreciated.

Anonymous said...

There does not appear to be any live picture from the right-camera. Others have probably already said this. Could you possibly increase the picture speed?


Malcolm Neal said...

Nick congratulations. It is well worth all the effort, trials and tribulations.

All we want now is for there to be a successful hatching and fledging of as many of the eggs as posssible.


Malcolm Neal

Anonymous said...

This is so cool.
Fascinating. Thanks to everyone involved and hope more people enjoy this site!