Saturday, 10 March 2007

Ringing the chicks

Last year, the three chicks (one male and two females) were ringed when they were about 20 days old on 15th June. The photo shows one of the birds, probably a young female, judging by the large size of its feet, just after it had been ringed (photo Tony Grantham).

We had hoped to be able to use colour rings as well as the numbered, metal BTO ring but we were too late getting some from Canada where they are made. We also hadn't sorted out and agreed with the BTO a unique (Derby) colour that would distinguish our birds from those colour-ringed elsewhere..... even at a distance.

This year we aim to do better!


Ash said...

Have you been able to get some coloured rings this year and have you managed to agree with he BTO a Derby Colour?

Project Member (DWT) said...

We are working on it Ash but we have been a bit preoccupied as you might imagine. Keep an eye on the blog for news and updates.