Thursday, 18 January 2007

Tower Visit

A visit with the Built Environment team from Derby City Council proved useful in many ways today. Firstly there was a great view of one of the adut peregrines perched on the nest platform. There were fresh prey remains, including yet another new woodcock corpse as well as a lapwing with its white breast visible in this picture. Can’t these guys feed on something more common? Of course, the answer is that we have no control over what they choose to eat, and must accept these losses to our native wildlife. Then there was helpful feedback on how we could minimise the visual impact of the nest platform cameras, though it looks like a plan to put a free-standing microwave link to BBC Radio Derby is out on both planning and stability grounds. (It gets pretty windy up there). But as long as we can put a DVD recorder inside the tower, it means that TV pictures can still be gathered.

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